I’ve been riding a bike on and off since I was about six or seven years old and I’m in my mid 40′s. But I’ve never really considered myself a cyclist. I’m just a guy who likes to ride his bike. Lucky for me though, because of Twitter, cycling apps and the blogosphere I have found others who like to ride a bike, too. So I’m no longer just a guy… by myself riding a bike. I have a community of people riding with me.

I’m new to this cycling community though so I don’t know many people very well at all. But I love reading my Twitter timeline and I love the occasional mentions and responses I get from the small number of cyclists that follow me. The way the internet has evolved has allowed me to go from basically being a solo rider to a member of a enormous, eclectic, varied community of cyclists. I love it.  I love seeing the photos, conversations and every day vignettes from other people who share this interest of the bicycle.

Photo by Lyne LamoureuxSo while sifting through my Twitter timeline I began to see tweets mentioning the death of Amy Dombroski.

Like I said I’m new to the cycling community. And I don’t really follow sports in general so I don’t know the names or accomplishments of athletes who earn accolades and recognition in their respective sport. As a result I didn’t recognize the name of Amy Dombroski.

But I ride a bike.
And Amy rode a bike.
She would ride her bike on the road.
And I ride my bike on the road.
I have just found an interest in cyclocross.
She definitely had an interest in cyclocross.

And in only those ways do I know her. But I can tell this community of which I am on the fringe edge of is hurt from losing her. And I am so sorry friends for your loss.

image via 2010 article at PodiumCafe.comAmy Dombroski was a cyclocross champion and died after being hit by a truck while she was on a training ride. What sticks with me the most is that she was a champion.  She was a cycling champion. She was knowledgeable in her craft. Accomplished. Well trained. Surrounded by others who were tremendous athletes.

She was an expert.

And if she can get hit by a vehicle… how can I, a mere amateur, imagine to beat the odds anytime I get out on my bike.

I hope for the sake of others in my virtual community of cyclists and myself that we can create roadways that are safe for all to use.

May the angels take you home safely Amy.

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