So my oldest stepson came out to watch me finish up the frame after he saw me taping it off.
A few sprays of my rattle can, a little bit of waiting and we started taking off the tape and newspaper.

I gotta be real honest, I was expecting it to look a LOT better than it turned out. Not the paint job itself but the color scheme. It looks like something a crazed, killer clown would ride.  You know the kind that gives some adults nightmares.

My stepson was more amazed by how the tape and newspaper worked at keeping the jade color pristine and how clean the lines looked around the lugs.  I thought it was pretty cool, too.

So, I guess I’ll go back to the ol’ drawing board on the color scheme. I went to the store and bought some hunter green.
Seems kinda cliché but I think I’ll go with what I’ve seen works.
My wife suggested maybe a rubbed bronze kind of color for the lugs and I thought that sounded pretty cool.
I found a hammered copper color and am hoping it doesn’t look too crappy. Either way, this is it. I’m not changing the paint again so I hope it works. Taping the lugs takes a really long time.

In other news, I scored some Soma Sparrow handlebars off CraigsList last week. I’ve seen these before online and since I can’t figure out a way just yet to use my Raleigh northroad bars I thought I’d use these instead. Plus they were only 15 bucks!  They’re certainly not pristine as you can see the logo is a little rubbed off but they’re not too bad either.

Last year I came across some leather handlebar grips on CraigsList for 10 bucks.
I had no use for them at the time but I thought they were really cool and because they were pretty cheap I couldn’t pass them up. I hope I didn’t buy stolen goods. I didn’t did I?  :shock:

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Looking forward to doing my first mock up.
For now here’s a better shot of the Sparrow Bars and the grips.

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