Alright… with my clown colored frame now only visible in the history of past updates I now am feeling much better about the the color scheme of my build after putting a hunter green on it. I did that a few days ago. Or was that last weekend? I don’t know, I’m so busy that the days are all meshing together. At least I’m able to keep making baby steps towards finishing this.

So last time I updated that I had come up with a name for my bike and wanted to somehow put “Talisman” on the frame. I couldn’t think of any other way really other than to put some painter’s tape on a piece of cardstock, run it through my printer and use a razor knife to cut it out.

To get that kind of detail work I needed to drag out my eyeballs. Really sucks getting old. I hope I cut out the letters ok. That was pretty tough and things got a little blurry. I think I need to up the power on the ol’ readers.

So the little emblem at the bottom is the “talisman” I want to put on the frame somewhere. It’s a play on the symbol Phi which, some of you may know is the mathematic symbol for The Golden Ratio or Fibonacci sequenc. I tried to make it look like a little man or buddha in a sitting pose, meditating. I like the spiritual implication that the symbol Phi/The Golden Ratio has and so I thought it would go well on my good luck, talisman bike. Here’s a better view.

I have a giant snail shell that I’m going to try and figure out how and where to mount on my bike as another talisman and symbol of the Fibonacci sequence. Updates to follow on that endeavor.

So with my frame taped up I busted out the color I picked out to spray on the lugs, letters on the seat tube ANNNND I tried taping the top tube in such a way to add little pin stripes. Hope it works. By the way, I need to throw big time kudos and huge thanks to Mrs SpokeAndTruth who came up with idea to use rubbed bronze on the lugs. I couldn’t find a rattle can of rubbed bronze but did find a hammered copper. I was worried about it looking kind of brassy or just not right.

But wow!… I think it turned out pretty awesome. After spraying my bike, I was able to let it hang and dry for all of 15 minutes before the curiosity of what it would look like got the better of me. So I tore off the paper and tape on one of the seat stays so I could get a little peak. I love it!!! Later on today I’ll peel off the letters, newspaper and tape. I hope it all turns out as well as this did. I’ll try to put up some pics later on today of how it turned out. The pic below is a little photoshop manipulated. I lightened it up more so I could show the hunter green better but in doing so the copper lightened up more than it really is. It isn’t actually that bright and brassy. It actually does look a little like rubbed bronze.
I’ll put an update soon on how it looks after I take off all the tape and newspaper.

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