So in a previous update on my RRB bike thread I showed some pics of me scraping the paint off my frame.

I eventually got it done and hit it with some primer. The only thing is I kept thinking about the remnants of the cable stops that the previous owner of this frame left and I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to take them all the way off. Yes, even after I had already primed the frame.

I asked my neighbor who used to be welding instructor if he thought I could use my little MAPP torch to try and melt the brazing off of it. He said I should be able to. Then I asked if it was possible it might make the frame a little brittle or weaker in that spot with me putting heat on it.  He said “you did only spend 30 bucks on it right?”

Not really what I wanted to hear but I went ahead and tried to melt it off anyway. It didn’t work.  All I managed to do was make a scorch mark on the frame.

So I busted out my angle grinder with the cutting disk and carefully tried to shave that little piece off.  It was amazing how well that thing worked.

Here’s what it looked like after I got done.

To get it just right, I pulled out my files and smoothed it down nice and smooth.
Not bad, huh.

Hopefully the frame doesn’t break in this spot once I’m done and riding down the road.  I’m gonna sand it again and put some more primer on it. Then I’ll do the paint.

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