rrb_forum_memberSo about a week ago, I joined the website RatRodBikes.  They have a forum where the members (mostly guys with a hell of a lot of time on their hands) talk about bikes and what they do to “pimp their ride” and how they go about doing it.

It’s friggin’ AWESOME!

I have found a community of people who are as geeked out about DIY bicycle engineering as I am. I must admit I have very little experience building and repairing bikes and absolutely no experience fabricating custom parts for bike builds, but the guys on this forum do.

And to show off their skills, they have an annual build off where the members who chose to participate attempt to personally build the coolest, tricked-out bike they can imagine.

Le Tour TouristAnd guess which glutton for punishment decided to enter and participate in this four-month long escapade?… yes, yours truly dear reader.

Annnnd… it turns out there are prizes for those who place!  Not that I’ve got a shot because for one I don’t have the money to throw at a build that would garner a placing and I don’t have the experience or skill to make a reality what my imagination could conjure up.

Either way, the several days I’ve been on the forum has been really cool. The members are really encouraging and supportive.  This is going to be fun.

If you want to take a look at my progress so far and see a few more pics you can find my Build Off 8 thread here.  I’ll be posting my progress on the ol’ Spoke and Truth blog, too, though.

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