I wrote about my younger step son a little while back and talked about how he didn’t take to riding a bicycle quite as quickly as my older stepson did. Well, a year or so after getting him to “feel the balance” and he will always be up for a bike ride when I suggest we go.

Like many kids he started off being towed… for him it was in a little trailer that sat both him and his brother. He had a scooter for a bit and then we talked him into trying a bicycle with training wheels. He thought that was ok but he preferred his scooter. He got to the point where he was comfortable with the training wheels and liked riding his bike… sort of, but I thought the training wheels were a crutch and that he needed a little nudge out of the nest. So like many parents our there, I bent the brackets out a little here and there so he would wobble as he rode.

C’mon!… I’m not the only dad out there who’s done this right?

So after some time the training wheels came off and he was soon zipping around on his own. I should add that in the past year there have been some pretty spectacular crashes so this timeline has had its moments. Hopefully he will get it into his thick skull that he can’t continue to look behind him for long periods as he pedals forward, can’t randomly apply his brakes with riders behind him or veer into the path of riders beside him. I’m sure it’ll come.  It will come right???


Anyway, the boy is growing and although his daddy is pretty dang tall at about 6’3″ or so, the boy seems to be taking after me and keeping to lower elevations.  For those who don’t know me, I’m not exactly towering at my staggering 5’3″ of height. Nonetheless, as progeny will do, they grow and he was beginning to look someone who rides one of those tiny bikes in a circus. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration but it was obvious that he was getting too big for his 18″ bike though.

Well we still have some of our tax refund left and instead of going the route of handing down his older brother’s bike to him and yet again, being tossed the scraps while big brother gets the brand new stuff, Mrs. SpokeAndTruth convinced me we should get the younger boy something new.

on your left

big brother having to stand in the saddle to pass his brother and new bike.

I reluctantly agreed and we took The Wrecking Crew to a sports store telling them we were going there to get them pink Hello Kitty flip flops. They were mostly sure we were joking but we couldn’t keep the story going for long once we got there and we headed straight for the bicycle section. We tried quite a few but he knows we don’t have a lot of bucks so he kind of fluttered around the lower priced ones. He picked out his new steed and is now the proud of owner of a 20″ bicycle.

You wouldn’t think it would make that much of a difference going from an 18 to a 20 but it really does. He can go surprisingly, quite a bit  faster on it.  The older boy actually has to put some effort to keep ahead of younger brother.

It was really cool to see how much he liked his new bike, how much he’s improved and how much better he his with this new one. Plus… (I’m sure at the urging of his momma) he came into my room as I was starting this post, gave me a tight squeeze and said “thank you for buying me a NEW bicycle.”

That made it totally worth it. Ugh… I think there is some dust in here or something. I’ve got something in my eye.

new bike day

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