In younger days I participated in a few charity rides as well as a few amateur triathlon competitions. Both pretty big fun and I’ve done them by myself and with teammates. For me, I like being on a team. It’s just… I don’t know… better. I guess there is a comfort gained by knowing there is someone beside you giving encouragement when needed.

In this journey of life I’ve gone down the road solo as well as partnered up with someone whether it was with siblings, roommates, girlfriends, best friends, etc.  There is definitely some need to be by yourself but overall having a teammate = a good thing.

So after decades of making mistakes in the relationships department, a few years ago I found a young lady who agreed to accept a token of my affection and walk down the aisle with me.

Today is my wedding anniversary! Ain’t Mrs SpokeAndTruth purdy!

Here she is with her glasses. She’s kinda blind so that’s a good thing for me.  : )

I’m trying to convince her that she doesn’t need new glasses. (I’d hate for her to get a clear look at who she’s been married to for the past few years) : )

I joke with her that it feels like SOOOO much longer. In all seriousness it does feel like we’ve been married longer than a short few years. We’ve been through so much… mayhem. She used to live in Amarillo and the weekend I went up there from Houston to move her down here was the weekend Hurricane Ike hit. Mayhem. Her new home here was trashed and we lived with friends of mine (strangers to her) and my brother and his wife for about a week or so until power came back.  A couple of days later The Great Recession and the whole Lehman Brothers thing happened. Mayhem.  Because of the housing collapse and economic crash, we almost lost our house and we seriously considered her moving with her kids to live with relatives in Dallas and me move in with my mother here in Houston. We were newlyweds. Crazy huh.

me and the wrecking crew

These two are the reason we can’t have nice things.

Perhaps The Universe was trying to give us a hint. : )   Things are better now though. Not great and not perfect but not as much mayhem… well, maybe still as much but it’s different mayhem. You see when I married her I also I got these two little knuckleheads added to the team along in the deal.

I guess it isn’t a bad team to have assembled.  Crazy, unpredictable mayhem but I have the most awesome teammate to help me through it.

Happy anniversary Mrs SpokeAndTruth! Love you so much!

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