So Mrs. SpokeAndTruth and I decided we’d go ahead and join the YMCA again. We had a membership for a couple of years starting in early 2010 but we decided not to renew because we were trying to cut costs.

But since her boys (who I affectionately call The Wrecking Crew on this blog – they’re the reason we can’t have nice things) are being homeschooled, we thought we’d try to cut costs in other places and use the Y to add to there P.E. classes as well as for them to be able to socialize with other kids.

That was in mid January when we re-joined. And a couple of weeks ago (Feb 1st-ish) I figured the crowds at the gym had probably lightened with most people conceding failure at that perennial resolution to hit the gym and lose weight so I started going again.  Plus Mrs. SpokeAndTruth brought home this magazine for me.

She sang out, “Loooook what I brought youuuu.”
Me: [blink, blink, blink] oh. [long pause] It’s… a magazine. That says “Get Back in Shape”
Mrs S&T: No.     No, no. It’s a BICYCLE magazine. See… bicycles. I thought you would like it.
Me: :| It’s great hon. Thanks. (i think to myself, “she’s leaving me.”)

Luckily the crowds will be light and I can go every day to the Y. I shouldn’t sound so self righteous about the New Year’s Resolution people quitting. I made a quasi-resolution to put more miles on my bicycle to the tune of 10 miles per week which I failed at pretty much as the words came out of my mouth.  Then a twitter buddy of mine (@juliabikes) said she hopes to get 3,000 miles during 2013. I had to look down at my groin to make sure my balls were still there after being emasculated.

After reading her goal, I reevaluated mine and thought certainly I can get in 24miles per week if I take my bike to work and ride at lunch. There’s a relatively safe route I can take that is six miles one way. That at least brings me up to… (hmm… carry the 2… double naught… figure six to eight weeks cause of weather, minus that… maybe some miles during weekends here and there… add that)  ok, so that gets me up to a measly 800 or so miles in the year.

Wow… i SO suck.

But I digress. Anyway so like I said, we joined the Y again and there’s one close to my office. I used to go there at lunch to swim laps and that was it. But I’ve been a couple of times now and went into the cardio room and found out the spin bikes have SPD pedals! I hadn’t seen those when we were members before so this was a pretty cool discovery to me. They look pretty much like this. The next time I went I took my cycling shoes so I could make use of them.

I’m not sure how accurate the computer is on that spin bike but in 20 minutes it said I rode about seven miles. I mean hell I can ride for 30 minutes on the streets in my neighborhood and only get four or five miles covered so it doesn’t really seem accurate. Meh, I’ll make a note of how many miles I do on the spin bikes and although it isn’t the same at all as riding on the roads, I have felt some soreness in my legs and obliques after the workout.

I’m still thinking about bringing my bike to work though, if nothing else to clear my head at lunch plus I need to at least make it appear as though I’m trying to keep that resolution and give a decent showing compared to @juliabikes   : )

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