A few weeks ago my wife and I (mostly my wife, as she did all the research) decided to pull her 3rd grade son out of public school and begin the odyssey of home schooling, just as many in our state and around the nation have decided to do. It was a tough decision but ultimately we feel it’s what’s best for his education, mental well being and overall development as a human being. Not only did we pull the older boy out but we’re giving strong consideration to pulling the younger one, too, for the same reasons. What does it say about CyFair ISD and the Texas education system as a whole if we, who are untrained novices feel we can do a better job educating our children. Yes, CyFair ISD this is a referendum on you.  You suck.

But I digress… this isn’t a homeschooling blog.

So a couple of weeks ago I had the day off from work and my wife asked if I would do the homeschooling thing while she took care of other stuff. On the lesson plan was geography, government, handwriting, science annnnnd… I pulled teacher’s prerogative and decided to add in P.E.

It actually went pretty well, the whole day that is. But P.E. he claimed was his favorite class of the day. I talked to him at length about the importance of stretching. Went over the benefits, etc. etc. He took a short quiz that I helped him along with just so we could really hammer home all the ideas we talked about. Then we actually did some stretches for about 15 minutes and THEN…

The four mile bike ride!  Ok, technically 3.74 miles but close enough.  We went on a dirt trail that runs through our neighborhood behind the high school and back around a huge flood control creek and then made our way back. It was a really nice day and my stepson loved it. It was the first time we had gone that far on this trail. On one side was a thick band of wooded area and to the right was the creek. We’ve ridden on a part of that trail before, maybe half a mile to a mile at most but not anywhere near this far, so this was quite an adventure. It was really pretty damn awesome.

I’m glad we did it. He’s a pretty typical eight year old little boy. Ok, typical if you have one that’s got a touch of hyperactivity sprinkled into his personality. But going on that long ride with the sun beating on him a little actually got him focused for the rest of his schoolwork.  He got sweaty, a little winded, worked his muscles and got some blood flowing. To be honest, so did I.

If you’re a homeschooling parent, I highly recommend adding cycling to your curricula. And, if you want to get real slick (and if you happen to have a smart phone) find an app and log your child’s rides. I’ll be doing a review of a few apps real soon, so keep on the look out for that. If you don’t have a smart phone, I would recommend at least keeping some kind of log of what your child is doing for PE, not just for keeping home school records but to see how he or she is improving.

About my day as the PE teacher:
Bottom line, it was a good time… even with me riding my old ’59 Three Spires Sport, which is essentially a road bike. Heck, I almost forgot we were in school.

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