Someone a few houses down on my street was having a yard sale today and a friend who lives around the corner was walking by my house with what he thought was a nice find. Personally I wouldn’t have paid 80 bucks for it but he thought he’d pulled off the biggest score for his son so I didn’t rain on his parade.


Gilbert, and my neighbor Tony tweaking and adjusting the new bike for Gilbert’s son.

He bought his son a Mongoose Rebel and son was really excited. I don’t blame him a bit. It is a pretty cool bike and it’s his first “big boy” bike. But I don’t think he was near as excited as his dad, Mr Gilbert. Ya see, Gilbert has been out of work for a while. He’s a handyman of sorts I guess and is pretty good putting up siding and drywall. I know, because I hired him one time to put siding up on the second floor of my house when he and buddy had a small business going. Unfortunately his business partner, Blake moved and Gilbert’s terrible English kept him from getting more work.

But recently he got hired by his church as a part time minister. Pretty cool for Mr Gilbert because he’s been going to school for years so he could be ordained and it’s his true passion. Not only is he extremely devoted to his faith but I can tell he really loves teaching people as well. He’s not quite finished with his seminary but the amount of schoolin’ he has finished was good enough for his church… and with that comes money.  Not much but still it’s better than nothing. And so one of the first things he bought was a bicycle for his son.

Mr Gilbert adores his boys and for him to be able to buy that bike, (even if it was second hand) I could tell was better than anything.


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